Spyro Gyra - Covers and Discografy

Self titled first release. Came out in 1977 on Infinity Records.

Infinity Live Concert Series. Rare live album released for radio broadcast. Came out in 1979 on Infinity Records.

Shaker Song, 7-inch vinyl single released in 1979 on Infinity Records. A side "Shaker Song" from the album Spyro Gyra. B side "Song For Loraine" from the album Morning Dance.

Morning Dance, first released in 1979 on Infinity Records.

Catching The Sun, released in 1980 on MCA Records.

Carnaval, first released in 1980 on MCA Records.

Freetime, released in 1981 on MCA Records.

Incognity. Maybe their best album. Featureing Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd and Hiram Bullock. Released in 1982 on MCA Records.

City Kids, released in 1983 on MCA Records.

Access All Areas. Live 2xLP, one of their best. Released in 1984 on MCA Records.

Alternating Currents, released in 1985 on MCA Records.

Breakout, released in 1986 on MCA Records.

Stories Without Words, Released in 1987 on MCA Records.

Rites Of Summer, released in 1988 on MCA Records.

Point Of View, released in 1989 on MCA Records.

Fast Forward, released in 1990 on GRP.

Collection. Compilation released in 1991 on MCA Records, GRP.

Three Wishes, released in 1992 on GRP.

Dreams Beyond Control, released in 1993 on GRP.

Heart Of The Night, released in 1996 on GRP.

Got The Magic, released in 1999 on Windham Hill Jazz.

In Modern Times, released in 2001 on Heads Up International.

The Very Best Of Spyro Gyra. Compilation released in 2002 on Verve Records, GRP.

The Deep End, released in 2004 on Heads Up International.

Wrapped In A Dream, released in 2006 on Heads Up International.

Good To Go-Go, released in 2007 on Heads Up International.

A Foreign Affair, released in 2011 on Amherst Records.

American Fusion, Jazz-funk band founded in 1974 in Buffalo, New York by Jay Beckenstein. With over 30 album releases, and sold over 10 million copies, the band is a commercially success. The group's name comes from Spirogyra, an algae Beckenstein wrote about in collage. Misspelled to Spyro Gyra by a club owner introduceing the band, which became the name thereafter.

Spyro Gyra became a full time band in 1976, with an avaerage of 100 concerts per year.
Current line up is Jay Beckenstein, saxophones; Tom Schuman, keyboards; Julio Fernandez, guitars; Scott Ambush, bass; Lee Pearson, drums.
Past members was Jeremy Wall, Dave Samuels, Chet Catallo, Eli Konikoff, Richard Calandra, Richie Morales, Oscar Cartaya, Dave Wafford, Joel Rosenblatt, Tom Walsh, Bonnie Bonaparte.
Guest musican appearances are bassist Will Lee, who makes a lot of the groove on Freetime. Marcus Miller, Steve Gadd and Hiram Bullock on Incognito and City Kids. John Tropea, Richard Tee and Toots Thieleman. Bassist Kim Stone and percussionist Manolo Badrena are featureing on several albums.
Reconmended albums of Spyro Gyra are Catching The Sun, Carnaval, Incognito. The two live albums Access All Areas and Road Scholars. Alternating Currents, Breakout, Dreams Beyond Control, In Modern Times, Good To Go-Go and The Rhinebeck Sessions.